Monday, January 16, 2012

and if you must know, even stars can fall

so hard can it pull the mind;
making you wonder in nothingness..
And still we let our minds fly far;
and be dragged so deep into thoughts..
Thoughts that sometimes can be oh so compelling;
and at some, so disturbing..

So long has it left vacant;
and so often has it let broken..
And by the one who treasures it the most;
no other than the one who hosts..
And so it's time it is put to rest;
not to go but to stay in place..
Go oh go, your place shall be taken;
not by no more than the one you're taking..

Friday, April 8, 2011

black and white with purple coating

The different personas that a man could have can sometimes be too much of a confusion; to himself, let alone to others. It is by going through changes that you would feel the better in the new and the worse in the old. And then there will be times that you would start contemplating between what you now try so hard to believe by heart is true and what was felt before.

‘Wisdom is the key’, we say; yet wisdom itself sometimes brings a man much closer to the feeling of idiocy. And we start to search again for something to strengthen the feeling that is now felt so undescribingly dear, holding our mind and heart so as not to be pulled back to the senseless demeanor of life.

It is when we find a purpose in life that we would feel the happiness that it brings. The purpose that to some may felt as a burden, and to others, a blessing that we try so hard to clutch on to. None can do it alone; that's not how life was meant to be. Always we try to live a lonesome life, telling ourselves how easy it is to see life. Yet unknowingly deep down inside, our little hearts scream for a saviour.

So leisurely we stroll through the courses of life. Without realising that time is what we have not. And we make up reasons to back our actions, when the evidence of Truth could not be much clearer.

and the legend lives on...

"..and remember, it is only in the remembrance of Allah that the heart find peace"(13:28)

How further away from the truth do we want to go before we realize the need to find a way back?

Why is it so hard for us to see that what we have now ain't nothing but of nothing's worth.

And what waiting are far more valuable that the world in whole.

We can't expect anyone to save us but ourselves.

Let us set a time.

A time to start leaving these lies; and start searching for the light.

A time to start opening our heart, cleansing it from these worldly desires, pouring in what is more of forever's worth.

A time for our heart to start desiring nothing but His love and pleasure.

And let the time be NOW...

Friday, June 11, 2010

the wind never felt colder

"guess i'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all"
(need you now, lady antebellum)

the pain it brings..
the agony it carries..
yet none can stop it from being wanted..
like a fire that burns..
and inflict wounds wherever it touches..
yet it bring warmth to those who dare to close in..

time will never give way to man..

and neither should man to time..

yet we calmly let it pass by..

leaving us broken, alone in desolation..

looking back to what we had and lost..

and what we could have but slipped..

forever will we wait for the truth to come..

the longed desire to be wanted and cherished..

patiently we wait for the Sign to hit..

yet when it does, we're too blind to see..

numbed it is as the heart may be..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

trembling in the dark with nothing to feel

"25 minutes to late.."
(25 minutes,

do not lie to people..
do not toy others' feelings..
do not show concern when you can promise nothing..
life is better off alone, then be with someone who isn't actually there..
it's been fun but i think its time for me to leave..
peace out!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

greens are so much better in the morning

"i started out alone; and in the end that's where i'll be"

(sad story, plain white t's)

happiness is so overrated?
what we do can bring so much impact to another person's life..
but is it worth it to contemplate between self's and other's..
to each his own..

sacrificing for others to feel jovial may sound noble but how deep will it hurt you?
and how long will the joy last?
its either you hurt them now, or hurt them harder later..

can you be selfish when it comes to happiness?
to let go of the pass and move on?
to search for what has never been found all this while..
your conscience might kill you..

fight for what you think is right..
and what you think is best for the future..
for what will happen may be vague..
but that's what God left for us to find out..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

your name is on repeat

"cause every breath that you will take
when you are sitting
next to me
will bring life into my deepest hopes"

(secondhand serenade, your call)

when everything was falling apart..

when all hopes seemed lost..
and screeches were the only noise i hear..
His light shines and darkness scatters..

thanks for being the light..